Patronage Institute Of Professional Studies. The Piers-Harris Children’s Self-Concept Scale – Second Edition (Piers-Harris 2) is a 60-item self- report questionnaire (subtitled “The Way I Feel About Myself”. ) designed to assess self-concept in children between the ages of 7 and 18 years. This study examined the construct validity of the multidimensional Robson Self-Esteem Questionnaire (RSEQ). The RSEQ and seven other scales measuring affect and self-esteem-related constructs were completed by 307 undergraduate students.

manual of self concept questionnaire by saraswat


A Study on the Self-Concept of Adolescents ...

Correlations of Self Evaluation Variables by Gender 437 SIV Comparisons of Gifted and Regular High School Students 438 Chicago High School Reading Test Scores .

Self-concept is inherently phenomenological, that is, it refers to the person’s own view of him- or herself. In fact, one leading scholar in the field (Wylie, 1974) has ar-gued that comparisons to external events are not particu-larly relevant in the assessment of self-concept. Accord-ingly, self-concept is almost always assessed through self-report.. Self- concept : An or ganized configuration of perceptions, beliefs, feelings, attitudes and values which the individual views as a part of characteristics of himself (Pederson, 1965) Extragression (EA) :In which aggression is turned on to the environment. Introgression (IA) : Aggression …

The self-concept questionnaire developed by Dr. Rajkumar Saraswat” and Rao Achievement Motivation test developed by Mohan Rao was for data collection. RESULTS AND INTERPRITATION: The Data was collected by administering the Self-concept Questionnaire by Rajkumar Saraswat and …

Manual of self concept questionnaire by saraswat

R. K. Saraswat. Hindi/English. (This 48 items measures self-concept in six areas — physical, social, temperamental, educational,moral and intellectual of school going children. Age group 14 to 18 Be the first to review “Self Concept Questionnaire (SCQ–S)” Cancel reply.

201-390-TR(1 set includes 100 consumable booklets, Scoring key and manual) Self Concept Questionnaire by R. K. Saraswat (Hindi/English): This 48 items measures self-concept in six areas — physical, social, temperamental, educational, moral and intellectual of …

This Study aimed to find out impact of self concept on examination anxiety of Adolescence students. The self concept scale by Dr. R.S. Saraswat and examination anxiety scale by Dr. Madhu Aggarwal The data collected from them were scored follow procedure in the manual..  Nature of Self-Concept and Academic Achievement A Study

R. K. Saraswat (1992) Manual for self-concept questionnaire, National Psychological Corporation, Agra. Rani Tripathi (2014) A study the Personality and achievement Motivation of among High School Students of Jalgaon District. The International Journal of Indian Psychology ISSN 2348-5396 Volume 2, Issue 1 INTERNET SOURCES

Impact of Self Concept on Scholastic Achievement of 9th

THE TOTAL AND SPECIFIC DIMENSIONS OF SELF CONCEPT RELATED TO FEMALE PARTICIPATION IN COLLEGIATE ATHLETICS by Dane Bradford Beary May 2006 The purpose of this study was to determine if differences exsisted between female collegiate sport participation and non-participation, as well as female collegiate. SDQ II manual self description questionnaire - II (Book

A standardised self-concept questionnaire of Dr. R. K. Saraswat was used for data collection. The inventory provides six separate dimensions: physical, social, moral, temperamental, educational and intellectual. Each item is provided with five alternative responses and no time limit. Procedure and administration of questionnaire:

individual. Her first scale is termed The Self-perception Profile for Children (SPPC; Harter, 1982; 1985). Harter recommends the scale for children in third through sixth grade. According to her theory of self-concept formation, new aspects of the self-concept become crystallized aLs the person grows.


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Manual of self concept questionnaire by saraswat

The CAF Physical Self-Concept Questionnaire in a sample of

To measure the self-concept of the school students, self-concept questionnaire (SCQ) devised by Dr. Raj Kumar Saraswat measures six dimensions of self-concept; e.g. 1. Physical – Where the individuals view of their body, health, physical appearance and strength. 2. Social – i.e. individual’s sense of worth in social interactions. 3.

Psychometric Properties of the Self-Concept Questionnaire

A Self-Concept Questionnaire constructed and standardized by Saraswat (2000) administered on adolescents for measuring self-concept on six dimensions of self-concept such as; Physical, Social

A Study of Self Concept & Examination Anxiety of Adolescence

Saraswat and Gaur (1981) defined self concept as the individual‟s way of looking at him, it also signifies his way of thinking, feeling and behaving. There is a great deal of research, which shows that the self concept is perhaps the basic for academic achievement. Thus, self concept …


This included questions intended to measure ‘academic self-concept’ (ASC). Academic self-concept may be defined as a student’s self-perception of their academic ability which influences – and is influenced by – student’s academic performance (Liu & Wang, 2008; Tan & Yates, 2007; Marsh & Hau, 2003). The concept of academic self-concept may be particularly important in Vietnam for two main reasons.

Manual of self concept questionnaire by saraswat

Manual Of Self Concept Questionnaire By Saraswat

Self-concept has been referred by Lowe (1961) as ones attitude towards self, and by, Paderson (1965) as an organized configuration, of perceptions, beliefs, feelings, attitudes and values which the individual views as part or characteristics of himself. The self, which maintains a …

The Self-Perception Profile for Adolescents (2010) is an upward extension of the Self-Perception Profile for Children (Harter, 1985). The children’s version was devised in order to tap domain-specific self-evaluations of competence or adequacy in five separate domains, as well as Global Self-Worth. The Self-

The Physical Self Description Questionnaire: furthering research linking physical self-concept, physical activity and physical education Naida D. Peart, Herbert W. Marsh and Garry E. Richards Self-concept Enhancement and Learning Facilitation Research Centre University of Western Sydney, Australia Physical self-concept (PSC) is an important.  (PDF) EFFECT OF EMOTIONAL MATURITY ON SELF-CONCEPT OF

Service Provider of Facilities - Psychological Tests and Equipments, Physics Lab Equipment, List Of Psychological Test and Health And Physical Instrument offered by Biyani College Of Science And Management, Jaipur, Rajasthan. Self Concept Que. SCQ. (Dr. Raj Kumar Saraswat) Manual for study of values (Dr. R.K. Ojha) Manual for level of

Naida D. Peart Herbert W. Marsh and Garry E. Richards

personal data along with. Self -concept questionnaire developed by Dr. Rajkumar Saraswat. The self-concept inventory provides six separate dimensions of self-concept, viz., physical, social, Intellectual, Moral, Educational and Temperamental self-concept. Statistical analysis of data: The data collected were carefully analyzed and processed.. VALIDATION OF THE ACADEMIC SELF-CONCEPT

Self-Esteem Questionnaire By Marilyn J Sorensen, PhD, Clinical Psychologist & Author Adapted from her book, Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem The Self-Esteem Institute Do you think you may suffer from low self-esteem? This questionnaire will help you find out.

R. K. Saraswat (1992) Manual for self-concept questionnaire, National Psychological Corporation, Agra. Rani Tripathi (2014) A study the Personality and achievement Motivation of among High School Students of Jalgaon District. The International Journal of Indian Psychology ISSN 2348-5396 Volume 2, Issue 1 INTERNET SOURCES


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