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Malicious, misleading information about Prem Rawat is being distributed on the internet by a small but vocal hate group known as "ex-premies."

In this website, the group's propaganda and false claims are debunked, and links are provided to other source material where accurate, up-to-date information can be obtained.

The main organizations which facilitate his work are The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) and Words of Peace Global (WOPG). 


Does Prem Rawat benefit from the activities of any of the organisations which promote his message?

Prem Rawat - sometimes targeted by hate groupsAbsolutely no money flows from supporting organizations to him or his family. He receives no benefit from the activities of the not-for-profit organisations supporting his work and no income from attendance to his addresses or from the sale of DVDs and other material.

How does he support himself and his family?

During the 1970s, Prem Rawat received stock shares in corporations as gifts of appreciation from people who were concerned that he should be financially independent. Eventually, these produced significant dividends, and some were sold generating substantial profits which were reinvested. A company which developed software applications for government contractors went public. This generated considerable income for Prem Rawat and his family.

When he first arrived in the West, numerous people were happy to help him out with food, shelter and clothing. "He was also provided support by the organization in the US in keeping with his guest status until he became an emancipated minor capable of pursuing his own interests privately. This support included housing, transportation to and from events, and other relevant expenses." The organization supporting his work was audited by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service in 1997 and "found to be in full compliance with regulations governing charities."

Does Prem Rawat charge for the techniques that he teaches, or for his appearances at events?

He has always been adamant that his teachings be made available free of charge. He does not charge for his appearances at events, nor does he receive income from the organizations which support his work. Words of Peace Global and The Prem Rawat Foundation are granted royalty-free copyright to produce vidoes and other materials from his addresses. (pp218, 219 Peace is Possible by Andrea Cagan)

What does Prem Rawat do? What are his activities?

In 1971, at the age of 13, he began traveling internationally, speaking to diverse audiences about the real possibility of inner peace. At the core of his message are techniques that he makes freely available to those who wish to discover the inner experience he speaks of.

He travels up to 11 months of the year, responding to invitations to present his message to interested people and to provide inspiration and guidance to those who are practicing the techniques that he teaches. He has a pilot's licence and flies a leased plane himself, thus reducing expenses while making it possible to travel quickly and safely to venues around the world. His schedule would not be possible if he had to resort to commercial flights.

He also spearheads significant humanitarian initiatives through The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF). He sponsors free ophthalmology clinics organized by the Foundation and has launched a charitable outreach initiative in northeastern India which provides 600 meals a day, every day, year round, to people most in need. A similar facility was opened in 2009 in Nepal, and a third facility in Ghana. He is also an accomplished composer of music, as well as a talented photographer and graphic artist. His events have been broadcast on cable and satellite TV in many countries.

Between 1992 and 1998 Prem Rawat spoke at more than 800 events around the world. A total of more than 1.3 million people came to hear him at these events.

In 2008, Prem Rawat traveled a total of 90,000 nautical miles to 40 different cities in 18 countries. He visited 14 of those cities for the first time. His itinerary included a four day event in Israel. In Corleone, Sicily, he was made an honorary citizen and declared the "Maestro of Peace" by a local official after an enthusiastic reception. His Derby, UK, event was broadcast live to an estimated one million viewers worldwide.

2016 marks the 15th anniversary of TPRF. The Foundation now has volunteers in 67 countries, 304559 meals were served at Food For People Facilities in 2015, and there were 8,041 participants in Peace Education Programs during that year.

He continues to maintain a demanding schedule. Due to the success of the Peace Education Program, and his book, Splitting the Arrow (2015), he has had numerous requests for interviews, and third party speaking invitations.

Does Prem Rawat speak to the media?

"He is happy to grant interviews to journalists with a sincere interest in his message. Because he travels up to 11 months each year, and because his schedule is very busy, interviews usually need to be arranged at least two months in advance."

Many people offer a message of hope and peace. What is different about Prem Rawat and his message?

He has answered this question by saying: "It is not just a question of a message, but actual experience.… I don't just come along and say, 'Everything is great.' I offer a practical way to be able to appreciate every breath.… My message is not just words. There is something more. There is an experience to be had, and I offer the know-how to do that."

Was Prem Rawat described as "Greater than God" or "Lord of the Universe" in the 1970s?

Prem Rawat has never referred to himself as "greater than God" or "the lord of the universe." Claims to the contrary are perpetuated by a few misinformation web sites which are unable to produce a single supporting quote.

These expressions are translations of Indian sayings that were repeated by young Westerners who were attracted to his message in the 1970s at a time of affinity for all things Indian. To the man on the street in India, these are common statements - nothing out of the ordinary. Indian culture and socio-religious attitudes are fundamentally different from the Judeo-Christian based beliefs of Western countries. His message is independent of, and not based on any religious or cultural tradition.


For an informative on-line biography please visit Man of A more detailed biography, Peace is Possible: The Life and Message of Prem Rawat by independent journalist, Andrea Cagan is available at Amazon.

The information provided above was obtained from official publications and from independent sources.

Accounts by some of the many people who know Prem Rawat and have spent time with him are available here.

"When I was very young, about 11 or 12 years old, people used to say that I was controversial. And I'd think about it - how controversial can an 11 year old child be? Some people used to say, 'He is God.' I used to tell people, 'I am not God.' I used to tell people clearly, and I tell them now as well: My work is to take you to that place within you. That, I can do." —Prem Rawat April 12th, 1998.

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