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The Two And A Half Million Dollar Man

From Geoff Staker's Ratbag Watch

Neville Ackland, the "two and a half million dollar man" was arrested at his Mt Greville QLD property, and jailed for the possession of drugs and unlicenced firearms.

Drugs and GunsAckland, an opponent of Prem Rawat,

In September 2002, Neville Ackland used a truck to harass attendees, and try to force entry at an event at Ivory's Rock Conference Centre, Peak Crossing, QLD. Soon after, he was arrested and charged with possession of $2.5 million worth of drugs and unlicensed, unsecured firearms.

Calling himself "the two and a half million dollar man" Ackland regularly posted messages on a forum run by a small but virulent, internet-based hate group. (See examples of threats and hate speech.)

Ackland wrote, "So have a go at me why don't you? Pick on someone your own size who has nothing to loose and doesn't give two hoots what anyone thinks. You can accuse me of being a drug baron and a sex maniac, things I have fantasized about for years."

He continued, "I had a taste of small town hero status ... after appearing on the Channel 7 Today Tonight program in September. It went to my head - I want to be famous and I'm mad for more. I'm a self-confessed media tart and a publicity addict, with a passion for the unpredictability. I always like to go off with a bang and burst onto the scene to gasps from adoring fans, but seeing fans are in short supply, I'll have to settle for moans from the disciples of the living lord."

Encouraged by his hate group associates, Ackland obtained a truck which he used to barge his way through a waiting crowd in an attempt to force entry through the gate at Ivory's Rock Conference Centre. The hate group has a history of harassing organizations which arrange speaking engagements for peace advocate, Prem Rawat.

Ackland received a two and a half year sentence with parole after a minimum of eight months (Oct. 2003). Such a short sentence was probably due to lengthy plea bargaining efforts. He was released from jail in 2004 and has apparently ceased contact with the hate group.

Drug haul on property owned by an opponent of Prem Rawat

A police officer inspects some of the many cannabis plants discovered on Ackland's property.

From the Queensland Times

"Police have seized Marijuana worth more than $2.5 million in one of Ipswich's biggest drug busts in years. Around the same time as police unloaded 857 plants and 52kg of dried marijuana from their vehicles yesterday.

Neville Ackland, 54, appeared in Ipswich Magistrates Court charged with drug offenses. Acting Inspector Brad Weller said the drug haul was one of Ipswich's biggest in years. "This will definitely put a hole in the Ipswich Marijuana trade for a while I think," he said.

Inspector Weller said police searched a Mt Greville property at Moogerah on Wednesday night after a tipoff and stumbled across hundreds of plants. He said the 52kg of dried material was found spread across a large number of rubbish bins. "We were out at the property for five hours this morning digging out the plants and transporting everything back to the station," he said yesterday.

"This afternoon we'll organise some samples to be taken and then the remainder will be destroyed." Police have alleged the marijuana belonged to Mr Ackland. He was charged with producing, possessing and supplying a dangerous drug as well as possessing drug related equipment. Ackland also faces charges of possessing unlicensed and unsecured firearms. He was given bail and the matter will be heard again in Brisbane Supreme Court at a later date." - by Ellen Quinn, Queensland Times

Click here to download a PDF copy of the original newspaper article.


Peace is waiting to be found.
Waiting to once again feel whole, not separated by all the issues that divide our lives.
Peace is when the heart is no longer in duality, when the struggle within has been resolved.
When peace comes to the heart, serenity follows. Love comes flooding in, uncontrolled.
Joy cannot be held back. It bursts through because it is right.
That is peace.
Peace needs to be felt, love needs to be felt, truth needs to be felt.
As long as we are alive, the yearning to feel good, to feel joy, will always be there,
and as long as it is there, there will be a need for it to be discovered. - Prem Rawat

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