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Malicious, misleading information about Prem Rawat is being distributed on the internet by a small but vocal hate group known as "ex-premies"

In this article the group's major claims are debunked. These claims form the basis of most of the material published by the group.

The opinions of the web master are expressed in this web page. Readers are encouraged to fully examine all available evidence, and to come to their own judgments accordingly.

The web master of this site is not associated with any organization which assists Prem Rawat's work, and does not represent Prem Rawat in any way.

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Apostates' propaganda debunked

Opposition to Prem Rawat and his work is generally based on provably false or irrelevant claims. Replies to these claims are listed below.

"When Mr. Rawat came to the West in the early 1970s, he proclaimed himself to be the incarnation of God..."

Prem Rawat came to the West as a 13 year old Indian boy. He has on numerous occasions clearly stated that he is not God.

"Mr. Rawat has continually demanded monetary 'contributions' from his followers in order to support his obscenely lavish lifestyle, complete with several mansions, private jets, etc."

Wrong! Prem Rawat has never 'demanded' contributions. He does not charge for his appearances at events, nor does he receive income from the organizations which support his work. The Prem Rawat Foundation are granted royalty-free copyright to produce vidoes and other materials from his addresses.

During the 1970s, Prem Rawat received stock shares in corporations as gifts of appreciation from people who were concerned that he should be financially independent. Eventually, these produced significant dividends, and some were sold generating substantial profits which were reinvested. A company which developed software applications for government contractors went public. This generated considerable income for Prem Rawat and his family.

When he first arrived in the West, numerous people were happy to help him out with food, shelter and clothing. "He was also provided support by the organization in the US in keeping with his guest status until he became an emancipated minor capable of persuing his own interests privately. This support included housing, transportation to and from events, and other relevant expenses." The organization supporting his work was audited by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service in 1997 and "found to be in full compliance with regulations governing charities."
(pp218, 219 Peace is Possible by Andrea Cagan)

"Fund raising has always been an important activity... Although Knowledge is free, there is a constant need for cash to maintain expensive properties around the world, and the expensive lifestyle of Prem Rawat and his family."

Wrong! A 2005 investigation into Elan Vital* by the British Charities Commission was dropped. EV emerged with a clean bill of health. The investigation is said to have been triggered by a bogus report submitted to the Commission by a British member of the apposing group, Nick Wright (a.k.a. Nik Wright).

Elan Vital* is a registered charity in the United States and Britain and a non-profit organization in Australia. EV is subject to audit by tax authorities in these countries. Any diversion or misuse of funds for Prem Rawat or his family's benefit would be illegal. The claims are libelous and false, and have been repeated ad nauseam without a shred of supporting evidence by the group opposing his work .

Any fund raising efforts by or on behalf of Ivorys Rock Conference Centre (the "expensive property" leased by Elan Vital*) are clearly specified as such. Contributions are made voluntarily by those who wish to help in this way. It would be wonderful if satellite broadcast facilities, video editing facilities, halls and all other items used to take Prem Rawat's message to the world were available free of charge. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Contributions are needed and greatly appreciated.

"The Jagdeo affair, mid-1970s"

This unfortunate affair involves allegations that a former instructor, Jagdeo, molested children during the 1970s. According to this grievance, "Mr. Rawat did not prevent Jagdeo from continuing in his service..." The allegations were not made until many years after the alleged offenses. Michael Dettmers, who was head of DLM at the time stated, "It was my personal experience that whenever Prem Rawat became aware of improper sexual behavior by any of his instructors**, he took immediate disciplinary action."

From an Elan Vital* web site:
"Elan Vital first received in 2000 a complaint of sexual misconduct involving Jagdeo, a former instructor, in the 70s. An investigation was launched immediately.
Jagdeo has not been associated in any capacity with EV or any organization in the world that promotes Prem Rawat's teachings for many years. He has not performed any duties as an instructor in the U.S. since the 1980s.
The Indian organization did some research, located him, communicated Jagdeo's whereabouts to the authors of allegations and filed a legal complaint against Jagdeo in 2001.
EV did not seek to rely upon technical legal defenses. The organisation responded by engaging in dialogue resulting ultimately in a positive and fruitful resolution.
Although nothing can undo what happened, we have done our best to find a healing solution.
EV is committed to providing an environment that is free of sexual harassment or any form of sexual misconduct and has adopted a strict policy accordingly. Employees and representatives of EV undergo compulsory training to ensure that each individual fully understands this policy. EV promptly responds to any complaints it receives in this regard. Appropriate disciplinary action is taken against anyone who violates the policy."
N.B. **Since the introduction of the Keys, instructors have become redundant. *Elan Vital has been replaced by Words of Peace Global.

"Mr. Rawat teaches what he calls Knowledge, which consists of four techniques of meditation. He claims to have the sole privilege of teaching these techniques. But in fact, these techniques are centuries old and are now taught by hundreds of gurus in India, and by several Western gurus."

Wrong! Prem Rawat has taught the same Knowledge to people who were unable to practice one or more of the techniques! Knowledge is the key to the door of an extraordinary place within. Conflicting descriptions and incorrect variations are available elsewhere. Prem Rawat's claim to be the legitimate source of the 'Knowledge' he teaches is based on two facts: 1. He is able to deliver. 2. He is carrying on the activities of his teacher. Knowledge as taught by Prem Rawat has always been available free of charge. Why? It would be impossible to put a price on it.

"Mr Rawat claims to be the current master in a direct and unique lineage of masters... but this is a false claim."

Wrong! There is a direct lineage. Prem Rawat's teacher was Shri Hans (his father), Shri Hans' teacher was Swarupanand, and Swarupanand's teacher was Dayal Ji. This is a simple statement of the facts.

Mr. Rawat has always enjoyed a lifestyle exactly opposite of what he teaches."

Wrong! Mr Rawat has never taught or promoted a lifestyle. He has always made it clear that Knowledge is independent of religion, culture, education and lifestyle.

"Front row seats for sale. What is mostly unknown to the rank and file members of Elan Vital, is that front row seats to Mr Rawat's talks are for sale for thousands of dollars."

Wrong! There are no "rank and file members" of Elan Vital or The Prem Rawat Foundation. Seats close to the stage are usually reserved for Prem Rawat's family, staff, and may be available to some of the people who have helped stage the event. At multi-day events seating is now rotated to make seating arrangements fair for everyone. Seats are not for sale.

"Mr. Rawat encourages his followers to believe that anything they experience in meditation is due to his grace and influence."

Wrong! Prem Rawat has always made it clear that anything experienced whilst practicing the techniques of Knowledge are already within you.

"Prem Rawat teaches his students to to depend on him for all inner experiences for their entire lives."

Wrong! The practice and experience of Knowledge depends on a person's individual effort. Nobody can practice Knowledge for you. You have to do it! Prem Rawat has always made this clear. Many thousands of people find his discourses and unique perspective wonderfully inspiring. For this reason he continues to attract large audiences around the world, either live or via satellite broadcast. Many thousands of others enjoy access to his discourses via video.

"Mr. Rawat tells his followers that they should rely solely on the 'inner friend,' and that all other love relationships are secondary, imperfect and not to be trusted. By following this teaching, his followers develop a toxic relationship with their own humanness."

Wrong! Prem Rawat has said that your breath is the most important factor in your life. No breath, no life, no nothing! A human being who can appreciate the gift of each breath is celebrating the unity and worth of all humanity. (I am totally in touch with my "own humanness." I enjoy a close, loving relationship with my wife and family and I profoundly enjoy life. At the core of my being is something that sustains and fulfills me. The web master)

"Mr. Rawat instructed his followers to abandon all family, sexual relations, education, and career goals to devote their lives entirely to his service, by living in his ashrams."

Wrong! Prem Rawat never 'instructed' his followers to live in ashrams or abandon anything. In 1972 he said that the ashram was for anyone "but first they must have no obligations." Ashrams were for those who needed "intensive care." All others need not apply. When some ashrams failed to provide the expected 'shelter', he said that "it has been quite wise for people to leave there...because in some of the ashrams the way they have been, it has been ridiculous, where you can do this and you can't do this and they didn't know what they could do, because there were so many can'ts." Could he have been any clearer? If the ashram wasn't working for you, leave!

"When the ashrams (1970s) became a financial liability to him, he closed them, leaving many of the ashram members in debt and poorly prepared to return to society."

The claim that Prem Rawat closed the ashrams because they "became a financial liability to him" directly contradicts the oft sprouted claim that ashrams were a source of funds for him. It doesn't warrant a reply.

"Prem Rawat 'demanded' complete surrender and that he made it clear that the way to do this was to move into one of his ashrams."

Prem Rawat never issued any such "demand." Any such move was always voluntary. Many single people who had no ties during the 1970s chose NOT to move into an ashram.

"Prem Rawat hunts rabbits at Amaroo."

Wrong! The real facts are revealed in this letter:
I just thought I might say something about the rabbit issue at Amaroo.
First, they are not rabbits, they are hares, and one of Australia's worst introduced pest species, responsible for the devastation of millions of acres of Australian bushland by nibbling off the growing shoots of young trees. In early 1992, IRCC was advised by Ipswich Council that the hares on the property had to be reduced in numbers. Management asked me to begin a culling (shooting) program of hares and feral pigs, and the farmers on both nearby properties asked me to do their places as well. I did, plus another property a little further away.
I kept a low profile regarding students of Prem Rawat, as so many are city people and 'new age' types as well, and I knew it would distress them. In early 1997 it became public knowledge, and many people wrote to Prem Rawat outraged that a cruelly sadistic hunter (me) was loose on the property. His response was to borrow a rifle from me and let himself be seen by a group of people holding it. I have no evidence that he actually fired it, and I was not there. John McGreggor says that he did, but it doesn't bother John that he was not there either. After that single afternoon, six years ago, the rifle was returned to me and is still in my safe.
Chris Hamerton
Ipswich, QLD, Australia"

"Armed guards carry sub-machine guns at Amaroo." (Amaroo is a local name for Ivorys Rock Conference Center.)

Not true! This story came from Neville Ackland. Neville was subsequently arrested for possession of unlicenced, unsecured firearms and $2.5 million worth of marijuana. There have never been armed guards at IRCC. There has never been any reason to employ such people. An unarmed caretaker lives nearby.

Following Ackland's arrest, people living in the area began phoning IRCC to apologize for having listened to him.

"The preparation for Knowledge includes brainwashing."

This allegation is based on a deliberately altered version of a 1980s vintage instructor's manual. An important section makes no grammatical sense due to the alteration. It was originally published under a disclaimer about possible "typing errors." (LOL)

N.B. Since 2000, self-Knowledge has been taught personally by Prem Rawat via multi-media presentation. Instructors became redundant at that time.

According to the manual, those preparing for Knowledge should be allowed to:

* "Evaluate for themselves what is being said."

* "Make room for growth."

* "Provide a basis for questions and answers."

"Decide whether they like it or not." should be included in this section, but the verb "decide" has been omitted so that only the phrase remains. By itself, the phrase makes no grammatical sense. The alteration is obvious to even the most casual reader.

The document also states that those waiting should decide whether to "continue or not continue."

Regarding the conduct of the instructors, the document states:

"When speaking, or answering questions, just be yourself."

"If you don't know the answer, then it seems obvious that the appropriate answer would be "I don't know." If you are unsure, then get clear on what the question is."

"From the instructor's point of view all answers should lead a person to their own understanding. Answers must be such in nature that they always go beyond the immediate need, further the person's understanding and open new doors into their insight and understanding."


"The principles of conduct governing an individual or a profession- standards of behavior." (Webster's Third New International Dictionary).

"It would be easy to create very specific rules, covering very specific situations, and provide the instructors with a great list of what not to do. But that is not the purpose of this training. Rather it is expected that good conscious behavior, good judgment, and good discretion on the part of the instructor would be the most appropriate: The behavior, the character, the display and the action of an instructor should always be impeccable."

Does any of this sound like brainwashing to you? A person could do well to live their life by the principles the document advocates.

More strange anomalies

A university professor in Australia who began to monitor the 'ex-premie' group's main web site in the late 1990s reports, "They originally published a disclaimer to cover a purported interview with the first DLM manager in the US, Bob Mishler. According to the disclaimer, it wasn't a transcript. It was an account of what Mishler might have said. After the current web master, John Brauns, took over their web site, the disclaimer disappeared. When they were asked to produce the tape of the alleged interview, they claimed it had been lost. How is it they could 'lose' something so important to their cause, and why did the disclaimer disappear?"

The group also publishes a brief story purportedly written by former DLM manager, Mike Dettmers, or a person claiming to be Dettmers. The story is unsubstantiated, misspelled and poorly written. For those reasons it is very unlikely that Dettmers wrote it. Dettmer's (?) brief association with the group ended following the publication of the story. According to the story, a car allegedly driven by Prem Rawat early in the 1980s collided with a cyclist.

The story is the "first-hand account" of a man who wasn't there. It states, "... we all sped to the airport. An instructor stayed behind to deal with the situation." The writer then describes (first hand) events which he claims occurred when he wasn't there. He admits that he "sped to the airport." Therefore, he could not have known about anything that ensued after his departure.

The group's web site contains the following omissions and errors:
Prem Rawat did not "instruct" anyone to "take the blame." No such claim is made in the story.
The author writes that he/she was not in the car involved in the alleged collision. Therefore, they cannot confirm the identity of the driver.

In June 2003, journalist Charlie Morton from the Bristol Evening Post wrote an article which he claimed exposed dark secrets about Prem Rawat's organizational finances. According to an informed source in the process of exiting the hate group, the allegations were the work of Nick Wright, a resident of South Bristol, UK, and long-term member of the 'ex-premie' group. "Calling himself Andrew Carpenter, Wright stated in his interview with Morton that he had filed a complaint with the UK Charity commission, and implied that Prem Rawat should be jailed," the source said. The Charity Commission conducted an enquiry and quickly dismissed the complaint.

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