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J.M. KAHN, a prominent French member of a group which opposes the work of peace advocate, Prem Rawat.

J M Kahn, opponent of Prem RawatDans la déposition de John Macgregor, J.M. Kahn, militant d'un groupe ectaire français, est mentionné parmi les meneurs du groupe Ex-premie. Kahn a utilisé l'influence politique de son père pour qu'Élan vital (EV) soit placé sur une liste d'organisations interdites par les autorités françaises. EV est une organisation qui promeut le message de paix de Prem Rawat. Dans les années 90, Kahn a subi une opération chirurgicale destinée à lui ôter une tumeur au cerveau. Les personnes qui le connaissaient ont dit « [qu']il n'avait plus jamais été le même après l'opération » et que celleci paraissait avoir eu un impact négatif sur ses capacités cognitives. Des observateurs considèrent que Kahn est à l'origine d'une cyber-attaque dont a fait l'objet, en 2004, un universitaire britannique, le Dr Ron Geaves. Le site Internet original a été supprimé par le service hébergeur, après un certain nombre de plaintes.


Kahn was named in an affidavit by journalist, John Macregor, as a prominent member of an 'ex-premie' group which opposes Mr Rawat's work. The group has often been called a hate group due to its members' threats, hate speech, and record of harassment.

In the deposition of journalist, John Macgregor, J. M. Kahn is named as a leading figure in the 'ex-premie' group, considered by many to be a hate group. In France, Kahn used the political influence of his father to have Elan Vital placed on a list of prohibited organizations. Elan Vital is an organization which arranges speaking engagements for Prem Rawat and helps to promote his message of peace.

During the 1990s Kahn underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor. People who knew him well at that time said, "He was never the same after the operation. It had a negative impact on his cognitive abilities."

Observers believe that in 2004 Kahn was behind cyber-attacks directed at British academic, Dr Ron Geaves, in a failed attempt to have him removed from his university faculty. The cyber-attack site was removed from the internet after complaints to the hosting service.

Various opinions are expressed in this web page. Readers are encouraged to fully examine all available evidence, and to come to their own judgments accordingly. The web master does not in any way represent Prem Rawat or any organization which assists his work.

About Prem Rawat's techinques for finding inner peace Kahn wrote:

"What I now think is that I got into all this to avoid facing some difficulties, and to escape some problems that were bothering me deeply."

That was a mistake.

According to Prem Rawat, "Knowledge cannot help your problems. You have to work with your problems and deal with them. They are going to come and they are going to go. But Knowledge is something very specific. Knowledge allows you to have an experience of what is already inside of you. No more and no less. It will not make any changes in your life. You have to do that." - Versailles, France 1992

Knowledge will not cure your problems and it will not help you to avoid facing them. Kahn admits, "Being at the end of my journey was really what I felt so many times. Being at the place I really wanted to reach, inside of me and in this world, feeling so well, so elevated, so high, filled with so much love. I really thought it was the best that I would ever get to feel in this life. And maybe it still is."


"If you hate a person,
you hate something in him that is part of yourself.
What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us."

Herman Hesse

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