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JEFFREY LEASON - in his own words

Background information

From Geoff Staker's Ratbag Watch

In late 2003, The Prem Rawat Foundation brought a successful Internet domain name administrative proceeding, known as a "UDRP" against hate group member Jeffrey Leason (a.k.a. "Roger Drek") for registering the Internet domain name "" and using it to surreptitiously direct Internet users to his own website critical of TPRF.

The administrative tribunal in 2004 ruled against Leason, reasoning that his actions were not protected as free speech because he used for his domain name the precise name of his target rather than a distinctive variant, leading to the conclusion that his motivation was either to deceive internet users into believing the website was sponsored by TPRF or else to drive them away from TPRF websites. The tribunal held this to be a bad faith use of the domain name and directed the domain name be transferred over to the organization.

Leason's web site contains obscene, digitally altered images and material that is offensive, distorted and libelous. He has posted on internet-based hate group forums under multiple aliases including Knerde, Roger eDrek, Baballugi, and Jeff Stewart.

Regardless of multiple aliases, the hate group has an active membership of around 15 active participants. Most have a long history of harassment and hate speech.


Forum posts preserved here demonstrate the level of craziness that is often characteristic of this particular hate group.

Far from being cohesive, the 15 or so active members of this group are deeply divided. Aware of their public image, marginally sane members of the group have tried to distance themselves from overt expressions of hate, and from the obscene ranting of members such as Jeff Leason. As a result, during December 2005, several of them turned on each other in an acrimonious on-line battle. I saved fewer than half of the relevant posts. Selection and editing reduced that volume by a further 50%. Selected posts are arranged under topic headings. Within these constraints, I have tried to preserve continuity as much as possible, and present posts in the context of the dispute. NB, At the time of this dispute Leason was posting under the alias, Knerde.

Leason has had a long-term association with this so called 'ex-premie' group which currently has about 15 active members and is regarded by many as a hate group due to it's history of harassment and hate speech.

Differing opinions are expressed in this web page.  Neither the web master nor anyone else associated with this web site endorses or supports the opinions of Jeffrey Leason, Jim Heller or any other member of their group. Readers are encouraged to fully examine all available evidence, and to come to their own judgments accordingly.

Neither the web master nor anyone else associated with this web site represents Prem Rawat or any organization which assists his work.



Finally, I knew that armageddon with Jim Heller would have to come

Posted by:
Knerde . (Jeff Leason)

How can any of these cathartic moments happen without the presence of the dark one himself, Lord Jimbo?
In many ways, Jimbo, the catbox premies have your number.


Oh, for the love of Christ, Jim!

Re: Yes, Cynthia, you're right -- Jim
Posted by:
Knerde (Jeffrey Leason)

...Yeah, Jim, and you were a leader. While you never got to be a real leader in DLM you finally got to be one in the Ex-Premie movement. (15 active members worldwide, some using multiple aliases.)
....And there you are, Jim, talking about being democratic. What a joke.
Your secret circle of insiders was so fucking tight that you needed a forklift and a hogshead of vaseline to get squeezed in.
... Jim, thank you, thank you, thank you for coming here tonight and setting me free. I knew that you were my last obstacle in my Ongoing Exiting Problems. I'm exiting tonight. I'm finally exiting. I have no fucking heroes. I have no Jimbos no more!
Thank you, Lord Jimbo, thank you. 12/01/2005


Jim, you are such a spin meister talking about Forum 3 and me

Posted by:
Knerde . (Jeff Leason)

I can't believe you would attempt to tell the 30 days in May Forum 3 story in such a bogus fashion, Jim.
You're such a liar.
You're such a little creep, Jim.
You'd stop at nothing.
The fact is that it was an impossible situation where everyone suspected me as both a premie plant and worse. And for you to skim over the whole ugly story that had me completely brutalized for months is simply 100% JIM HELLER.
Oh, Father Jim, let me tell my confession to you and later we can talk about how you bullied 9 year old girls on the witness stand into looking like dolts and liars when they testify about being raped by the creepy serial child molester.
My taking over Forum 3 was an unworkable situation where the only sensible thing and the best thing to do for the ex-premie community was to give back the reigns to Brian and Katie.
And then at some point you made the infamous, 'Block me, Brian' post where Brian blocked you. And then there was this whole confessional period that I won't get into about how you said or Brian said that he had been a follower of you and your style until Brian broke free and saw that the Light that Jim Heller was just a fucking creep.
I wish it hadn't taken me so long to break free from the Jim Heller cult.
I do feel bad about the way you and me, Jimmy boy, double teamed 'em and kicked the crap out of 'em. I really do feel bad because, IMO, you're nothing but sick evil, Jim Heller.

Leason is not alone.

Don't feel alone, Knerde (Jeff Leason)

Posted by:

Jim did set the tone for those earlier forums. I have to admit that I too fell under his Machiavellian spell and double teamed with Jim on more than a few cheap beatups before starting my very successful solo career.

Jim Heller's reply

There's no talking with you

Posted by:
Jim .

There really is no talking with you. Both of you. Well, I swore off talking with Gerry years ago but, you, Drek, were still a friend or so I thought. But ever since F8 started you've acted like such a loudmouth, whiny little baby. Can't support that, no siree.
Remember when you took over EPO and the forum for a while there? Why don't you tell the folks here who weren't around then how long that lasted and why? Wait, let me. One poster -- not two, not three, one -- got it into his head that you were some sort of premie "plant" secretly working for the cult. Many of us stood up to him and just tried to shut that nonsense down but even with all that, poor, little Drekky had a fit, threw up his hands and abandoned ship. It was just too much to withstand those idiotic accusations even if no one took them seriously.
So then F8 happens and you two goofs can't do exactly what you want, when you want, the way you want. And ever since you've just cried and whined and behaved like babies. Worked up your frothy suspicions to the point where F8 warranted the worst, vilest diatribes imaginable. In the name of what, may I ask? Oh yeah, "blowing off steam".
And now what's this bullshit that somehow I'm not worthy of saying this? Because I've attacked people before? Yes, I have. I've attacked people as have most of us who've been at this for any length of time. But the difference between us is that I haven't attacked people unfairly and irrationally and, buddy, that's all you got now. Content-wise, you've got bupkas. Nothing. Just a big fat mouth. That's it.
...Anyway, I want to add this much. Hilltop, I'm kind of sorry I singled you out. It's just that if you, of all people, can't stand up for someone like John Brauns particularly, a guy who's really put so much into these ex-premie efforts that, sorry, Drek (Jeff Leason), he does deserve a medal, your infantile, time-warped anti-hero stance nothwithstanding, then who can? To dance around the bullshit that's been thrown at him and the F8 mods here, to suggest that there's anything like two, reasonable sides to this story, is outrageous. This is a clear, clear case of right and wrong and it calls for some righteous expression, in my opinion. It's so very, very funny watching some of you put on a happy face and try to be so welcoming and accomodating to any posters here just to show how friendly you are. "Friendly"? Clearly you don't know what the word means.

Leason's reply

And we should expect exactly what from you, Jim?

Posted by:
Knerde (Jeff Leason).

As a one trick pony can you ever do anything other than aggressively push and push and push someone in your little sport of psychological conquest and superiority?
No, John just does that subtle cutting routine he learned from you, Jimbo. Of course, it's not rash, but the net effect is still the same - devastating.
You guys are just too clever for the rest of us. That's all that's to it.
There is simply no way for me to stand up to you and win, Jim. You are the Master of the Sport. You have so many, many conquests.

Leason responds to a post by Nigel Longhurst of Liverpool, UK

Aw, gee, Nige, I'm hurt

Posted by:
Knerde . (Jeff Leason)

Hey, I'm sure that John is a better person than I'll ever be. I'll take your word on that since you've actually met him and I haven't. And you've never met me either for that fact.
Maybe you don't know John as well as you think you do, Nigel.
I think or it feels like to me that JHB (John Brauns) is saying that I am mentally ill when he uses his many euphemisms like Ongoing Exiting Problems.
Of course, you don't have any such problems, Nigel. And I'm sure you might object to people using fancy ass Public school semantics in order to have the shady upper hand in a conversation. Right?And, Nige, I think if I ever met you I probably wouldn't like you either. So, tit for tat, fella and thanks for the wisdom and your expression.


Leason responds again to Heller

Jim, let's not even go there, ok?

Posted by: Knerde . (Jeff Leason)

Aw, gee, Jim, you're not going to be my friend anymore?
Like I'm so hurt, Jim.
So, I think it's all good, Jim. There's probably nothing good that can come of having YOU, of all people, trying to come off as a white hat wearing good guy. That's laughable!
And, no, you cannot use my real name, Jim. That is against the rules (His real name is Jeff Leason.)...Of course, John is just an honest and straightforward person, so I should really consider that he might be right about that. Or is John using 'Ongoing Exiting Problems' as a slick euphemism to avoid direct use of the classic cheap shot of 'You're mentally ill'?
Jim, you guys who are so clever with the words have such a huge advantage over us little people that discussion is pretty pointless. I'll concede that, Jim. You got me beat hands down. You beat everyone to a bloody pulp like the big bad school yard lawyer bully you are.
So, don't even go there, Jim. You have absolutely no credibility with me, Jim. Oh, yes, I used to think you wereso handsomely dashing the way you romped on their arses. But I got sick of it...


Jim, you're banned

Posted by:
Knerde . (Jeff Leason)

I don't want you here.
I wanted to block you last summer when you where chasing Sandy or SHP all over the place, but because of our so called friendship I didn't and I banned him instead.
And I came close to banning Gerry, too, for other things.
Yeah, I'm a hypocrite and I'm a bad person and everything else that anyone wants to say about me.
But, I think it's time for Jim Heller to hang it up and move on.

At times the on-line exchange became really sick.

F**k this s**t
Re: ***NEW POLL*** Should there be a Premie/Ex-Premie forum? -- Knerde
Posted by:
Heidi the Cunt.

I say get off the fucking forums, go out to a dark, stinky pub, get freakin wasted, listen to some loud music, dirty dance, and wake up in the morning with a stranger in an alley.
Ok Ok, I know it's been done before. But having some goddam fuckin mindless fuckin activity beats this bullshit all to fuckin hell.
PS. Knerde, I just heard Anthony Quinn say "I don't take orders" in the Guns of San Sebastian.


Is that why you didn't answer your phone last night?
Re: F**k this s**t -- Heidi the Cunt
Posted by:
Knerde . (Jeff Leason)

I was lonely and was hoping to come over for a little (wrong word) visit. But you didn't answer your phone.
Yeah, you do remind me of Anthony Quinn. Wasn't he a father at age 83?


Ok, ok, ok! I give up.
Re: Maybe she could start a consulting business -- gerry
Posted by:
Knerde (Jeff Leason).

Who's dick do I need to suck off to get out of this nightmare?
And if you tell me it's Canadian dick you might has well just shoot me. They shoot horses, don't they?
Nah, fuck that.

Jeff Leason describes himself.

"Me? I'm a looser. I struggle with words. I mix my metaphors. I am lacking the ability to do the subtle you have 'Ongoing Exiting Problems' and will instead just tell someone to fuck off and that they are an asshole.
I can't play this game with the best of them.
I'm crude and I'm lewd. And that's all I'll ever be. I'm the Archie Bunker of the Ex-Premie Forum worlds." 12/01/2005

"Yeah, I'm a hypocrite and I'm a bad person and everything else that anyone wants to say about me." 12/01/2005

Leason's comments on the hate group and his role in it.

"Holy crap, I'm tired of this stuff. I'm tired of being hated. I'm tired of trying to make everybody happy all the time. I'm tired of playing word games with people like Jim (Heller) and JHB (John Brauns) who are far better than it than I am.
That's the thing. It's a bunch of stiff pricks playing smarty pants word games trying to always come out the winner." 12/01/2005

To Hamzen:

"It's always been a goddamn bitch running these forums, Hamzen. Half of the people hate the other half of the people at all times. The fighting and the politics and the people going nutz like myself and on and on and on it goes.
Why do I do this?
I don't know.
I know that most of you probably don't like me. And I know that I don't even know who most of you are.
I'm not asking for another goddamn show your appreciation to eDrek (Jeff Leason) right now. I'm not. I don't want that."12/06/2005

Leason's comment about himself 5 years earlier

"I was bad once - really bad - and I did not turn myself into Law Enforcement Officers, but instead I punished myself in a most physical and painful fashion. I now find that I benefit greatly from such punishment and I pay a pretty penny to have it done to me again and again." Dec 27, 2000

How do other members of the group view Jeff Leason?

As this forum is all about telling the Truth...

Posted by:
Lexy .

How about a new, more truthful name.
Something like:
Knerde's (Jeff Leason's) version of "the truth" forum where he goes on and on and on and and on, very,very boringly,repeating the same old stuff over and over again, posting and reposting and then saying it again just in case we didn't get it the first time and then posting again and then changing his name (again) and posting something similar again and then repeating it and whinging and whining and throwing a few nasty insults here and there and then being toxic again and then seeing if he can be even more obnoxious than the last time and surely he can do better than that.Whine whine whine whinge whinge and rake up some more ancient history and whinge on and on and on about that and then another post the same old whine boring boring boring and please pay attention to Knerde 'cos he's in desperate need to be noticed and have we all noticed him yet, he definitely doesn't think so and sling another insult over there such fun but oh so very very boring. Snore snore snore zzzzzz aaaaaargh glug glug toxic toxic and then humiliation and a bit more and not enough yet lets do it again but a new victim this time and it's sooooo boring and who cares and can't we just have somewhere where we can post without all that stuff 'cos it's just soooo whinge whinge whine whine whine notice Me NOTICE MEEEEE boring and ok we've noticed you Knerde really we've all noticed you and we bow down before your cyber feet and are humble and do homage glug snore.


You know what, Lexy?
Re: As this forum is all about telling the Truth... -- Lexy
Posted by: Knerde (Jeffrey Leason) 12/07/2005

I don't like you. I really don't like you. You annoy me no end.
I've tried and I've tried, but I don't like you.
No, I don't like repeating myself again and again, but I feel that I have the responsibility to repeat myself to someone like Moley when she comes here and says this that and the other and she was not here. I feel the obligation to spend my precious time explaining my actions and my opinions again to people who ask.
No, I'm not asking to be noticed. I don't like this attention.
And noting that forum8 didn't leave a link to this forum or Hamzen's forum or any forum is newsworthy. I'm sorry if you don't see it that way, Lexy.
And, Lexy, exactly how was your post helpful at all other than you taking the piss out of me?
Ok, I think that you are a shit stirrer.
And, Lexy, if you don't like me then you can leave and find another forum. Or you don't have to read my posts. We all have free choice. And at least at this forum you know exactly who you are criticising.
P.S. Lexy, I think I've just been waiting for you to add your big two cents. So, thanks. I'm having so much fucking fun spending my time explaining myself again and again. It's not like I don't have other shit to do.
Yeah, this does suck.
We're full circle.
When Gerry dinked the forum software and it all went to hell he was fed up with a very similar post Lexy made to him (and me.)
And I feel like doing a Gerry.
Thanks Lexy!
I really appreciate your little shit stirrer thing you got going. You seem to be one of those high maintenance "it's all about me" folks that we've had here before. Oh my god, was that a nightmare or what?
Hopefully, if it is so toxic here, Lexy, you'll just go away once and for all.

Jeff Leason's contributions are not limited to hate group forums. The following post was monitored on a music web site.

From: Jeff Leason
Subject: I'm giving up on your website.

Fuck Chris Leslie-Hynan, a bad writer who says nothing at all.
The little lame-ass story about Kristen Hersh's new band and album, 50 foot wave is so fucking lame that I'm never ever going to click into your website again.
Yeah, I used to live in Chicago and I would expect more from someone who lives in Chicago in terms of honesty and integrity, Ryan. But your little blurb or who ever wrote it is totally lame and completely irresponsible. Yeah, the new young punk or whatever you new little fucking dweebs have labeled yourselves is nothing but a cowardly cop-out Janet Jackson tit hanging out kind of weird world.
Your general tone (including all the little weenie writers you've got in your stable) has been sometimes right on, but there's too much "attitude".
Fuck you and the stupid Napster that you rode in on.
Yeah, I'm an old MOFO and I've been listening to music and I'm talking cutting edge music for more years than you've been alive. You don't know shit. Ok, Kristen isn't the totally most cooooooolest or whatever stupid words you fuckers use these days, but the little article was lame in every way possible.
I've read other reviews and what not on your website, Ryan. And some is good and some is really just pitifully lame. Like really bad, man. You're the editor. Your name is on the masthead, Ryan. Do your job as an editor and cut the pieces that don't measure up the lowest of all journalism bars.
At this point, Ryan, I've finally made up my mind that your website is a waste of fucking bandwidth. I've been reading and wondering. There's some good stuff some of the time and then there's just a bunch of really bad stoooooopid lame-ass stuff. And usually, Ryan, you are the author of the lame-ass stuff. I usually like your stuff. But a lot of your writers are just trying to be cute and ha-ha funny. And you need to edit your writers and I'm talking Chris Leslie-Hymen. Read the first paragraph, Ryan, it's pure B.S. that makes no sense whatsoever. It's simply baaaaaaa-ddddd. I mean, ha-ha. I'm too hip and I don't have to write anything that has content. I can just write oblique pretentious B.S. that all the other young hipsters will understand.
I only hope that more people bail on your website because you use writers who cannot write. Too bad, because with all the little sponsors you could have made some money. But, I suspect that intelligence will win out and you will be another one hit wonder, an internet has-been, a flash-in-the-pan.
Adios, Ryan.


"If you hate a person,
you hate something in him that is part of yourself.
What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us."

Herman Hesse

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