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Interest in PREM RAWAT and his message has increased exponentially worldwide.

Prem Rawat

Today, Prem Rawat continues to travel extensively to spread the message that real peace exists and is accessible within each individual. Since the introduction of the first Words of Peace program in 1999, there has been an exponential growth in interest in his message.

His message has been broadcast by cable and satellite stations throughout Europe, North and South America, Asia and the Pacific with subtitles or translation into more than 20 languages. The program received multiple awards in Brazil, Europe, and the United States. Many millions of viewers were able to enjoy his message for the first time. Free-to-air broadcasts began for the first time in 2015.

Civic and government leaders began to take notice as his worldwide audience grew. In recent years, he has received many invitations to speak before influential audiences.

In 2008, Prem Rawat traveled a total of 90,000 nautical miles to 40 different cities in 18 countries. He visited 14 of those cities for the first time. His itinerary included a four day event in Israel. In Corleone, Sicily, he was made an honorary citizen and declared the "Maestro of Peace" by a local official after an enthusiastic reception. His Derby, UK, event was broadcast live to an estimated one million viewers worldwide.

In 2009 he visited Israel again immediately after the cessation of hostilities, and received an enthusiastic welcome. In September, 2009, the first regular global webcast of his talks became available.

Prem Rawat continues to maintain a demanding schedule. Due to the success of the Peace Education Program, and his book, Splitting the Arrow (2015), he has had numerous requests for interviews, and third party speaking invitations.

In 2000, he introduced computer-based presentations for people wishing to learn more about achiving peace on a personal level. Volunteer staff were fully trained in the operation of the equipment. The staff are required to maintain their certification and to undertake reviews in order to ensure their delivery of the material on his behalf remained fresh and up-to-date. He continues to personally supervise new content and software upgrades.


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Someone recently asked, “ Hasn’t he been traveling the world for well over 30 years. Doesn’t he get tired?" There are times when he looks tired but his commitment to his vision invigorates him. The constant connection between himself and his students is fascinating to watch. He is an extremely congruent human being committed to his life’s purpose. I am fortunate to have met him and been able to call him my teacher.  —   J.L

"There are people here who might have reasons
why there cannot be peace on this Earth.
I have 6.7 billion reasons why there should be peace on this Earth."
- Prem Rawat

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