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- a prominent member of a group which opposes the work of peace advocate, Prem Rawat.

Jim Heller, an opponent of Prem RawatSince the late 1990's Canadian lawyer Jim Heller has been a vocal critic of Prem Rawat. Heller was named in an affidavit by journalist, John Macregor, as a prominent member of an 'ex-premie' group which opposes Mr Rawat's work. The group has often been called a hate group due to the threats, hate speech, and record of harassment by it's members.

A fellow member of the group, Heller's long term, on-line associate, Jeffrey Leason, wrote in part, "Oh, Father Jim, let me tell my confession to you and later we can talk about how you bullied 9 year old girls on the witness stand into looking like dolts and liars when they testify about being raped by the creepy serial child molester."

"I wish it hadn't taken me so long to break free from the Jim Heller cult. I do feel bad about the way you and me, Jimmy boy, double teamed 'em and kicked the crap out of 'em. I really do feel bad because, IMO, you're nothing but sick evil, Jim Heller."

"Finally, I knew that armageddon with Jim Heller would have to come...How can any of these cathartic moments happen without the presence of the dark one himself, Lord Jimbo?" - Jeffrey Leason 12/1/2005

Jim Heller wrote in part, "I embezzled $18,000 before Jack caught me. When he did, he called David Smith, one of Maharaji's bloodless bigshot lackeys... and he directed Jack to literally hold me hostage in the ashram basement until Deborah came over with the money." 5/17/1998

Heller also wrote, "I hate premies -- and why not? Look at them." 2/22/2000, and "I've attacked people as have most of us who've been at this for any length of time." Jim Heller, 12/ 1/ 2005

Various opinions are expressed in this web site.  The web master does not endorse or support the opinions of Jeffrey Leason or Jim Heller. Readers are encouraged to fully examine all available evidence, and to come to their own judgments accordingly. The web master does not in any way represent Prem Rawat or any organization which assists his work.

Jim Heller's critics say that this post expresses his pride in being branded a proponent of hate speech.

Posted by: Jim Heller
Tues, Feb 22, 2000
"I hate premies -- and why not? Look at them.
'Hate' is such a funny word these days. Some PC policy wonks decided that after centuries of meaning simply a strong dislike or aversion to something or someone, 'hate' should now be reserved for crimes of racial bias or other such prejudice. Well fuck that. 'Hate' works perfectly fine the old way and that's how I'm using it."

Critics also allege that Heller led a concerted effort to harass one of Prem Rawat's students at his place of employment. One observer stated, "Heller's justification was that because the student was known publicly, he deserved to have his employers bombarded with anonymous email and phone calls warning them that they had a cult member in their employ. The goal of this harassment is to repress Mr Rawat's students into living underground lest they publicly acknowledge their enthusiasm for the Knowledge that he teaches. To do otherwise is to risk harassment at work and home."

Posted by: Jim Heller
Email Address:

"Do your employers know about you?
Hi (Name deleted), I wonder, have you told your colleagues at work that you follow the former Lord of the Universe?
See, now that your name's out there it's really only a matter of time before one of your 'highly successful' people stumbles upon you via some search engine or something. Hey, maybe it'll be a client, huh?"

The Heller Report

Systematic harassment through hate mail, copyright infringement, lies and distortions, fabrications, "denouncement" ("messages that discredit, defame, demonize, or dehumanize an opponent"), and conspiracy theories are some of the tactics used by "internet terrorists" (Denning 1999).

The internet-based group in which Canadian lawyer Jim Heller participates has used all of these tactics in their well documented campaign against Prem Rawat, his students, and organizations which assist his work. There have been numerous forum posts under Jim Heller's name encouraging and supporting such harassing activities.

In late April 2004, the ex-premie group launched one of it's trademark cyber-attacks, this time targeting Brisbane attorney Damian Scattini, who successfully prosecuted Elan Vital's case against journalist John Macgregor.

The group forged email from Scattini, and sent embarrassing and defamatory emails to hundreds of Australian lawyers, politicians and media to pressure Scattini into abandoning the legal case against Macgregor. One of the voices cheering loudly for the hate mail was Jim Heller, who defended the email as "mere parody." In their usual fashion, others in the group said that because Scattini chose to represent Elan Vital, he "deserves what he gets."

Jim Heller's legal career

Heller chose to argue on behalf of Shaun Wickens, found guilty of targeting "frail and elderly" women, including an assault on an 87-year old grandmother. The same day he assaulted her, Heller's client also attacked an 86 year old woman who need a walker." An addiction to heroin pushed Wickens into committing the crimes, said his lawyer Jim Heller." Times Colonist, 11/23/02. Could it be that Heller is adept at inventing excuses for evading responsibility for actions and choices?

Heller Advocates For a Child Murderer

Jim Heller defended Roderick Patten, convicted of killing an 11-year old girl. "Her parents kept Jessica's room intact for two years after her body was found in a shallow grave. They would enter her room simply to sniff her scent on her pillow." "Heller led a defence based on the idea Patten was too high on a mixture of alcohol, marijuana, hashish and a massive dose of LSD to understand what he was doing." Times Colonist, 07/04/01 Could this be just another excuse for evading responsibility?

Defending A Child Pornographer

Heller argued for Robin Sharpe, facing 20 years worth of sex charges including sexual assault, indecent assault, gross indecency and photographing a boy of 14 years in sexual situations. Calgary Sun, 2/28/04. Hypocrisy bonus! While Heller complained about journalist John Macgregor being "gagged" in his case involving individuals' private data, Heller tried the Sharpe case under a secrecy ban and did not apply to the court for "the public interest" to allow the case to be heard in public! Could it be that in Heller's view, the only "public interest" is hate speech?

An extraordinary development in the Sharpe case "came after incidents... in court that began when Sharpe interrupted his lawyer in front of the jury and passed him a note." "Justice Robert Edwards informed the jury that John Robin Sharpe had fired his lawyer, Jim Heller, and would begin his own defence." "Earlier that morning, Sharpe had verbally interrupted his lawyer by asking him to move on to another line of questioning of the complainant witness.'' Greg Joyce, Vancouver CP An observer said that Heller was "obsessed with his own agenda."

Even more extraordinary was Heller's admission on an early internet forum (F3) that in 1980 he had embezzled $18,000 from an Elan Vital affiliated organization. He later claimed that his admission was a joke. The posts appeared under Heller's name. He has never denied writing them.

It only stands to reason that if Elan Vital's attorney, Scattini, is to be blamed for his actions, then Heller has a LOT to answer for his. Could it be that obscene internet postings, a candid admission of hate, a campaign against peace advocate, Prem Rawat, and a long-term association with an apostate group (considered by many to be a hate group) are methods that Heller uses to dodge or deflect responsibility for his own actions?


"If you hate a person,
you hate something in him that is part of yourself.
What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us."

Herman Hesse

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