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Who are they?

The purpose of these pages is not to vilify or dehumanize anyone associated with the 'ex-premie' group. Rather, the publisher hopes that by viewing some details of their involvement, the participants listed here, and other members of the group, will begin to understand how their activities are perceived by others.

These web pages contain various expressions opinion. The web master does not endorse or support the opinions of anyone associated with the 'ex-premie' group. Readers are encouraged to fully examine all available evidence, and to come to their own judgments accordingly. The web master of this site is not associated with any organization which assists Prem Rawat's work.

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A Prem Rawat opponent

Jim Heller: Prominent group member

John Brauns: Prominent group member

J.M. Kahn: Prominent group member

Neville Ackland: Jailed - Drugs, Guns

Jeffrey Leason: In his own words

Arthur Chappell: His self-published book

Prem Rawat detractors

These photos were taken at the first international meeting of the 'ex-premie' group and subsequently published on their web site.

The meeting was held at the Latvia Club in the UK and was attended by several prominent members of the group - no more than a quarter of the active membership at that time. Most of them appeared to have had too much to drink.


In a rare reference to detractors, Prem Rawat stated:

"They may garner hatred toward me, but I do not garner hatred toward them. I have no reason to. If they extended a hand of friendship, if it was real, I would accept it. Not because I am looking for friendship, but from where I sit, I'm comfortable enough to do that. I'm secure. I don't have to bad-mouth anyone. It's as simple as that."

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