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Obsession and Criminality

Drugs, guns, stolen computer files, harrasment

From Geoff Staker's Ratbag Watch

In September 2002, Neville Ackland, a member of an internet-based hate group, used a truck in an attempt barge his way into an event at Ivory's Rock Conference Centre, QLD. Soon after, he was arrested and charged with possession of $2.5 million worth of drugs and unlicensed, unsecured firearms.

Then on March 1st 2004, the Supreme Court in Brisbane Australia ruled against Ackland's associate, journalist John Macgregor. The Court found that Macgregor was in violation of the law when he conspired with Tom Gubler to illegally remove proprietary computer files from the computers of Elan Vital (a non-profit organisation) and IRCC. The court ruled against Macgregor on summary judgment, meaning that the record of Macgregor's unlawful acts was so strong that there was no need for the matter to go to a full trial. Macgregor was ordered to pay the costs of the action, which were estimated to top $100,000.

During court proceedings, Macgregor at first denied his role in the scheme, then, when the truth emerged, tried to persuade the Court that the computer files showed criminal wrongdoing by EV. The court rejected this defence, explicitly finding that the documents showed no reason at all to believe that EV or IRCC were involved in any wrongdoing. The court refused to accept any of Macgregor's fabricated affidavits, finding Macgregor and Gubler untrustworthy and their evidence not credible.

"In writing stories about Elan Vital and Ivory's Rock Conference Centre, it was found that Macgregor never disclosed to his editors that he was himself the anonymous source that he quoted."

"Macgregor used his contacts in the journalistic community to plant false and defamatory stories about IRCC and EV and manipulated unsuspecting journalists into quoting him as if he were a legitimate source. The court had previously found Macgregor in contempt of court in November 2003 when he was judged to have lied to the court about the means in which the service of papers upon him were delivered." (Source: Newswire Release)
Macgregor subsequently left Australia to evade contempt of court charges. He currently resides in Thailand.

Macgregor's associate, Tom Gubler, is reputed to be a former brick layer who failed to establish a new career as a computer technician. On October 24th 2007, again before the Supreme Court, he was convicted on three counts of contempt of court. He appeared later for sentencing and received a suspended jail term.

The Court noted that Gubler had entered his former wife's apartment while she was out, and downloaded files from her computer without her knowledge or consent. The Court had previously ordered Gubler to comply with conditions aimed at curbing his harassment of EV. Gubler's ex-wife had voluntarily assisted EV for more than 20 years.

The links beween Ackland, Macgregor and Gubler are that they knew each other, and that all three men fell under the influence of the same on-line hate group. Gubler continues to maintain links with the group. In 2014 he surfaced again with an unprovoked personal attack in the guise of an Amazon book review targeting author, Glenville Whittaker. Evidently, Gubler does not understand the difference between a succinct summary and a "shallow rehash." He would do better if he confined his 'reviews' to topics that are commensurate with his qualifications; bricks, for example.

From Geoff Staker's Ratbag Watch


"Historically, prominent voices for peace have been targets of violent reactions. Gandhi and Martin Luther King were assassinated. Even Mother Teresa was attacked by a British journalist as a "self-serving egotist" engaged in money laundering. When critics employ unethical and unlawful activities to achieve hateful ends, it suggests a degree of anti-social behavior that goes far beyond acceptable boundaries."

"Members of this 'ex-premie' internet based group have posted thousands of pages of criticism about Prem Rawat on the Internet. They exhibit behavior that psychologists diagnose as obsessive/compulsive disorder. See Time To Log Off: New Diagnostic Criteria For Problematic Internet Use, Dawn Heron, MD, University of Florida, Gainesville, published in Current Psychology, April 2003, (identifying incessant posting in chat rooms as emotional disorder)."

"Prem Rawat first traveled from India to the United States as a teenager in the early 1970s and has traveled the world since that time advocating inner peace. He teaches, free of charge, practical methods by which any sincere person can discover peace and fulfillment within themselves."

"U.S. academic, J. Gordon Melton, has described the evolution of Rawat's teaching. In 1982 he abandoned the trappings of Indian culture and dissolved his own support base. A new organization was established and he began taking his message into mainstream society."

""He has received numerous awards and international recognition for his humanitarian efforts and inspirational TV broadcasts. Detailed information is available in new biography "Peace is Possible" by Andrea Cagan available at Amazon."" (Sourced from an Indymedia article, checked for accuracy and edited for brevity.)


Bozone (n.): The substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas from penetrating. The bozone layer, unfortunately, shows little sign of breaking down in the near future.

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